Brochures are a very popular item for promoting your business, but when you think about printing costs, sometimes you might decide not to have one printed.

MostCool Media has the answer. We have an account as a wholesale printer with a company on the west coast. They are very reliable and do great work at less than half the cost of local printers. The good news is we pass those savings to you!

When we design your brochure, we can order it for you and the investment you will make will in most cases be less than having another company design it for you.

At MostCool Media, we also have developed an alternative to the traditional brochure. We call it the Pocket Billboard. This small flyer-type brochure has just enough room for information to get your prospect to pick up the phone or visit your website.

Our book, "The Six Xtremes of Power Business Networking" talks about handing out cards like this to promote your business. In fact The Pocket Billboard and Jeff Glaze (President of MostCool Media) were discussed in the book, " Guerrilla Marketing in 30 Days " by Jay Conrad Levinson and Al Lautenslager.

The Pocket Billboard also enables you to enlist the aid of others to spread your marketing message and is perfect for the "leave behind" in just about any environment. The image at right is an example of a Pocket Billboard.

If you prefer a tri-fold, no problem, we can make them for you, or for that matter, any size and shape is possible. Call MostCool Media today - 678.508.5975 - to discuss your next brochure project.

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