Profitable ecommerce is more than just putting a shopping cart on your website to sell products. In order to make ecommerce make you money, you need to have a strategy.

Ecommerce strategy is a combination of elements. It involves choosing a shopping cart that is cost effective and offers the features you are looking for. Do you want to offer an affiliate program? Do you need to integrate a state tax system? Do you want shipping to be charged per item or by weight?

Not all shopping carts are alike. You should put as much thought into your shopping cart as you do the products you want to sell.

The traditional shopping cart has several parts: a shopping cart, a payment gateway, and a credit card processing company or merchant account. Each part can have it's own fees and when you are first starting out, you want to avoid as many fees as possible.

MostCool Media has many options available to choose from. Whether you are selling one product or 1,000 we can help you to choose a system that is a good fit for you and will save you money.

Call MostCool Media today - 678-508-5975 to learn about the complete ecommerce and shopping cart solutions we can implement on your website.

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