CD and DVD mastering and creation are services we provide. An example of this is production of duplication ready audio CD's. Do you have an idea to take a seminar and create an audio CD? Sure you could simply burn it to a CD, or you could have it digitally enhanced and mixed with a bit of music to make it sound more professional.

MostCool Media has produced 3 complete CD's of our own original music and countless tracks of spoken audio for clients, all of which sounded as if they were recorded in a large studio.

What can MostCool Media do with DVD? We can take your video and audio files, mix them and then create a full DVD interface for them. In fact we make the process totally painless with a finished product ready for duplication.

Last year one of the more interesting (and heart grabbing) projects we worked on was a DVD for a little league baseball team where we combined video action shots with still images and a compelling soundtrack.

When we previewed the finished product for our client, she literally cried alligator tears and said it was one of the coolest things she had ever seen.

Call MostCool Media today - 678-508-5975 - to talk about your next CD or DVD project. We can offer exceptional quality on a minimal budget.

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